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Roof Tar Maintenance Coating
This is both a protective and sealant coating. The tar is hand applied over the roof, sealing even small cracks which can cause leaks. This coating will also protect the roof from the suns damaging rays.

Roof Aluminum Coating
This special coating can be applied directly over the Tar Maintenance Coating or your existing hot tar roof. It is another added layer of protection against the suns damaging rays and can add years to the life of a roof.

Deck Coating
This is a 2-ply system that will give you a great walking surface and a superior deck coating that protects the substrate decking material. This coating system with exceptional elastomeric properties is aggregate-laden to provide sure footing.

Driveway Coating for Asphalt
A great way to add years to your driveway with a non-slip surface. We hand apply this coating insuring all cracks and lines are coated, leaving a smooth and high quality surface.

Driveway Coating for Concrete
Using a 3-ply system we can substantially upgrade any concrete slab, including garages, carports, and patios. This coating has elastomeric properties allowing movement with the concrete slabs. This special system has been engineered to withstand the high stress of daily tire traffic and cures to form an aesthetically pleasing surface.