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At Adventure Roofing it is our goal to extend the life-span of your roof. We offer all levels of roof maintenance and repair on hot tar or Bur, torch down, cold processed and metal roofs, in addition to all pitched roofs, composition and wood shake. We also offer roof inspections and certifications.

Shingle Replacement and Repair

When repairing broken and /or missing shingles we replace the entire shingle, not just the problem tab. We then hand nail and re-seal each shingle, this secures shingles more effectively than staples. We will also do our very best to match color and style of existing shingles.

Moss Assessment

Adventure Roofing uses a 3 step moss control program. Moss can significantly reduce the life of your roof. Its roots grow under the granules on the shingles and loosen them causing their eventual detachment. This is quite a problem considering the granules protect the shingles from weather and sun damage.

First, we hand remove excessive moss using tack claws and brushes. We do not use pressure washers because this blows shingles and granules loose and could push water up under the shingles and onto the unprotected roof.

Second, we use a specially formulated Moss kill for roofs on the entire affected area.

Third and final step we will be installing Galvanized metal strips that are used for moss prevention. They are 5 inches wide and 10 feet long. We will place them 1-3 shingles down from all roof peaks, leaving 3 inches exposed. Rain washes over the peak and onto the strips and down the roof. The metal in these strips is a very effective moss prevention agent. This process will certainly help to extend the life-span of your roof.