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Gutter Installation and Repair

At Adventure Roofing we install new gutters, down spouts, and gutter guards. We also clean and repair existing gutters.



Gutter Assessment

The importance of keeping gutters clean is to prevent debris from clogging down spouts. This leads to the eventual filling of the gutters, which then become very heavy and begin to pull away from the roof, causing damage and or the complete collapse of the gutter. Debris also causes the erosion of the gutter, considerable reducing its life-span.

We do not clear gutters with blowers or pressure washers. We hand clean them to ensure no debris is blown on home or building. This also enables us to make a good assessment of gutter conditions. We clean away from the down spouts and leave them free of debris.

We are equipped with many accessories that will help extend the life of your gutters. We have manufactured elbows and downspouts with clean-out grates that help down spouts to remain unclogged. We also install gutter guards that keep out large leaves and debris. This is especially important in real problem areas such as under trees.